Tuesday, September 27, 2016

ARC REVIEW Willing Target by Kathleen Mix

Kathleen Mix's Willing Target is a really good read. It was a little slow for me to get into but it picked up pretty quickly and hooked me. It takes place in the topical Virgin Islands where two bodyguards/covert-ops who work for the Brisbin Rangers are working together to help protect a billionaire's younger sister, Karli, and ferret out who is behind the death threats. Andrea Carnegie isn't even a full fledged Ranger she still is technically a trainee but she is almost identical to Karli. Andrea is hoping that if all goes well with this assignment she will become a full Ranger. Mitch Weaver is still grieving the death of his partner, he's not ready to be assigned a new partner but he doesn't have a choice when he gets assigned the lead in this protection duty. The Rangers are going to send Andrea in as a stand in while Karli goes into hiding until they can track down who is trying to kill her. Andrea is going stir crazy and wants to go on the offensive, But Mitch is just worried about keeping her safe. But there is something strange going on with the attacks on Karli's life and Andrea is going to help figure it out.

Andrea and Mitch were a great couple to read. Mitch is hesitant to get attached to anyone because of the job he has and especially since his partner left behind a widow and kids. Andrea grew up not the pampered only girl of the family but the opposite. Her older brothers and even her father picked on her, tormented her. She grew up listening to their sexual exploits and just way to information for a little sister to hear. As a result she is hesitant to get into any relationship for fear that the boyfriend will tell everyone what they do or that they are just trying to get close to her so they can get close to her football star brother's and famous coach father. But once they let each other in it all falls into place.

Overall, this was a good read and very exciting, a little predictable as soon as the character was mentioned I called it I almost hoped it was a red herring but ehhh, it was still good.      

Saturday, September 24, 2016

ARC REVIEW Skin Deep by Kimberly Kincaid

Book One of Kimberly Kincaid's Station Seventeen series. Wow if the rest of the series is this hot it's a good thing they are all firemen they can put themselves out. The beginning was a little slow, (I was easily distracted) but it quickly picked up and got intense. Isabella and Kellen are a great team, and really know how to steam up my glasses. Just about all the characters were previously introduced in Deep Trouble. I would suggest reading it, I missed out on it (it sounds really good and it's about Kellen's sister who witnessed a murder, I may go back and read it)  and a lot of the animosity between Kellen and Isabella roots from that book, and while they have the past issues going on at first they clear them up pretty quickly and let their attraction for each other come out.

Ex-Army Ranger sniper Kellen Walker had enough with killing people and now concentrates on saving people now as a firefighter. Kellen finds something suspicious after clearing a house after a fire and the chief calls in the PD. Isabella was instrumental in Kellen's sister's case and he blames her for her almost getting killed. Kellen also is seriously attracted to her. Isabella tries not to let the fact that Kellen doesn't like her bother her but she hide it well, if only he wasn't sex on a stick. Isabella was one of the detectives called in with Kellen's find, she has a bad feeling about it but the higher ups don't think they have enough to go on to build a case. Isabella decides that it's up to her to find enough to build a case but she needs help. Kellen was only suppose to walk her through the house incase they missed anything but now that he knows where she's going with this he's not going to let her dig around in the underbelly of the city alone badge or not. Isabella's CI gives her some information to go on and from there she thinks she got it handled but no, Kellen is there. It's a good thing too because once the guy behind it all finds out she's a cop is out to see that she suffers. The only person standing in the way between Isabella and her death is Kellen.

Overall, it was a great read. I love the internal struggle that Isabella deals with and how it drives her and how it took her love for Kellen to change all that.

ARC REVIEW Her Wicked HIghlander by Jennifer Haymore

Her Wicked Highlander was originally published in the anthology Captured by a Celtic Warrior. It is the novella that fits in between Highland Awaking and Highland Temptation but can be read as a stand alone. It is very well paced and entertaining quick read. This one centers around Maxwell White one of the newer Highlander Knights and a lonely Scottish Lass Aila MacKerrick.    

Aila is the only one in her family left she struggling to make it. But one cold night she's kidnapped and taken to a castle. Max and the other Highland Knights are trying to stop a lunatic from starting a Scottish uprising. The madman believes if he has the King Richard Dagger that he can lead Scotland to freedom, if he can find it. Unfortunately Aila is the only one who knows where, as it's rightful owner and her only family heirloom worth anything. Max's job is to protect Aila from a the man willing to kill to get the dagger in his hands. Thankfully Aila has common sense and as soon as Max explains everything she stops trying to escape. The attraction between Aila and Max is something and Aila wants to explore it but Max tries to do the right thing, he doesn't last too long. Sadly the illusion of safety doesn't last much longer than that.

Overall, as quick as this book was to read it was perfect the way it was. The romance was instant but I like that. Aila found what she wanted and she worked to win Max over.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

BLOG TOUR Love Restored by Carrie Ann Ryan


In the first of a Montgomery Ink spin-off series from NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan, a broken man uncovers the truth of what it means to take a second chance with the most unexpected woman…

Graham Gallagher has seen it all. And when tragedy struck, lost it all. He’s been the backbone of his brothers, the one they all rely on in their lives and business. And when it comes to falling in love and creating a life, he knows what it’s like to have it all and watch it crumble. He’s done with looking for another person to warm his bed, but apparently he didn’t learn his lesson because the new piercer at Montgomery Ink tempts him like no other.

Blake Brennen may have been born a trust fund baby, but she’s created a whole new life for herself in the world of ink, piercings, and freedom. Only the ties she’d thought she’d cut long ago aren’t as severed as she’d believed. When she finds Graham constantly in her path, she knows from first glance that he’s the wrong kind of guy for her. Except that Blake excels at making the wrong choice and Graham might be the ultimate temptation for the bad girl she’d thought long buried.

So Carrie Ann Ryan sent out Postcards for this book like she does with just about all of them signed with a little catch phrase, this book's being " Grab a Gallagher". Well I definitely want to grab a Gallagher! The Gallaghers were introduced in the last book Montgomery Ink book, Ink Enduring, when delving into the past history between Jake, Maya, and Border. Now we see the Gallagher brothers older wiser, more tortured. They each have something in their past that has shaped them into the men they are now. Graham has his own demons he deals with, the loss of his parents and then shortly after that something that shattered his heart. Blake has had her own share of trauma, her family disowned her, not that it matters much now her parents are both dead and she was left as executor of the estate which means the monstrosity of a house she grew up in and vowed never to return. Blake keeps to herself for her own reasons but when she keeps running into the sexy bearded Graham who for some reason she still finds attractive after he was a bit of an ass to her the first two time they met. But Blakes secret just might be the one thing Graham can not handle. So why is she willing to risk her heart again for a man she might not even be able to keep?

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About Carrie Ann Ryan
Carrie Ann Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romance. Her works include the Montgomery Ink, Redwood Pack, Talon Pack, and Gallagher Brothers series, which have sold over 2.0 million books worldwide. She started writing while in graduate school for her advanced degree in chemistry and hasn’t stopped since. Carrie Ann has written over fifty novels and novellas with more in the works. When she’s not writing about bearded tattooed men or alpha wolves that need to find their mates, she’s reading as much as she can and exploring the world of baking and gourmet cooking.

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ARC REVIEW Her Rogue Alpha by Paige Tyler

Paige Tyler's Book Five in her X-Ops series. Another great book for the series, like the others it had action, adventure, love. In the other books we met Jayson and Layla well they finally have a book of their own. Layla loving Jayson for exactly who he is and Jayson wanting to be a better man a worthy man for Layla.

When we last saw them, Jayson had just been offered a job as Quartermaster for the DCO and as promised Layla has started to train for field work. Jayson is in more and more pain every day and much to Layla's dismay he has befriended Dr. Dick. Dick has offered Jayson the chance to cure his pain by taking a new and improved Hybrid formula.

Now the Hybrid formula if you are not familiar with the story, started when the crazy scientist tried to make their own shifters, what they got were crazed, wild, and uncontrollable, until they stole some of Ivy's DNA (Ivy is Layla's older sister) and managed to make them less feral and more easily manipulated. But we learned from Tanner that the hybrids could control their feral. Now Dr. Dick is telling Jayson that they managed to create a formula that will give him all the benefits of shifters without any of the added aggression or sharp teeth and claws. Layla freaks when Jayson tells her he's thinking about it and they get in an argument. Layla gets a call that send her on her first mission and she has to leave Jayson. Dr. Dick also promised Jayson he could be Layla's partner so with that promise Jayson agrees. It it wasn't for the quick thinking of Dr. Zarina Jayson would be dead. Zarina is brilliant but unfortunately Dr. Dick has already sent him out on his first mission with a complete douche. When Layla gets back from her mission she quickly goes after him. Layla and Jayson are stuck in a war ridden Ukraine trying to rescue a diplomat's son and his girlfriend. Layla and Jayson finally have the heart to heart they needed to have all along and get their feelings out there.

Meanwhile stateside, Ivy and Landon are still trying to figure out what's going on with Thorn. Also the introduction to a new shifter a cat burgler, Dreya, who stole some very vital information right out from Thorn's personal safe. Thorn has his men killing any known thief that could have pulled this off which lands Dreya right at the feet of Ivy and Landon. Dreya's book is next and I am really looking forward to it.

Overall this was another winner for the X-Ops series. Love Jayson and Layla.

ARC REVIEW Jack-in-the-Box by William W. Johnstone

Twenty years ago William W. Johnstone released Jack-in-the-Box. Kensington has re-released them through Lyrical Underground. I have never read Johnstone before and unfortunately I don't think I'll be reading anymore. I think through years of watching horror movies and reading scary books I've become desensitized. I was unimpressed and it was cheesy and toward the end the violence was just gratuitous, and coming from me that says a lot one of my favorite zombie movies is Dead Alive (Which is said to be the bloodiest movie ever made by the amount of fake blood used). It started out okay, like something I would see in a Masters of Horror but it quickly turned into something B rated. It's a mix of the Exorcist, Satanic Nazis, a female Damien, and Puppetmaster (I know it came out after this book was published in 1989, but it was so much better). The jack-in-the-box is such a small part in the story it almost seems like the book should be named something else. The writing was very dry and predictable, parts of it were very interesting but those parts were outnumbered by the parts I had to push through. I talked myself into finishing the book and I wish I hadn't. The ending was disappointing, even the characters were disappointed with how it ended. I couldn't even bring myself to like the main characters.

Phillip is a lawyer married with two kids, it would be the ideal life but his daughter is a pathological liar, she acts vindictively and then lies about her action. Nora has her mother wrapped around her little finger and has her mom believing that Phillip hates Nora. On an impulse Phillip buys a horrific antique jack-in-the-box that Nora falls in love with, and the horror begins. Nora is an incarnation of evil, she has the power to manipulate people with her mind and turns everyone against her father. Phillip recruits the help of a priest Joe, a private eye Paul, a child psychiatrist Sheela, and his best friend Sam to help him defeat his satanic daughter. The jack-in-the-box has ties to Nazi Germany, it's previous owner was a Satanic worshiping Nazi who escaped at the end of the war and is living in New York now trying to have another Nazi uprising. With every death Nora causes she gains more and more power. Phillip's family has a huge secret and everything comes out the more powerful Nora becomes.

Overall, it was disappointing. I was hoping for more.        

Saturday, September 17, 2016

ARC REVIEW Unthinkable by Nina Croft

First off, cliffhanger I warn you now, so if you hate cliffhangers do not read. I am torn between liking this book and being utterly confused by it. It jumps you into the story, I was a little confused I had to check to make sure this was actually book one in the series. I really liked the plot, I liked the concept. It's one of those big twisted, nothing is what it seems, no one is what they seem kind of stories. Their is deep history with many of the characters and it's kind of summarized but I still felt that so much was left out. I know it will probably revealed in the later books but it left me wanting more like a prequel explaining everything before the point where this book started. The characters are all very interesting and even the "bad guys" you want to know more about their story.

Jake is the leader of The Tribe a group of people with special abilities they were until recently under control of the government, but one of them died and Jake went in search of what happened and was disturbed by what he saw and it lead him and the others to escape. Now that they are free from the confines of the government and their ability repressing drugs The Tribe is discovering a whole new set of talents they never knew they had. They had only a few months of freedom before their former boss raided their safe house and kidnapped several of their people. To get them back Jake sinks to their level and kidnaps the one thing his former boss hold dear, his daughter.

Christa Winters is completely oblivious of her father's activities. Christa is so strongly attracted to her kidnapper she has convinced herself that she's suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. She can't stop thinking about him, and since Jake is telepathic he can read her thoughts he finds her absolutely fascinating. Jake has been drawn to Christa since he first saw her weeks before he kidnaped her. The fact that she is the daughter of the man he wants to kill should keep him from getting too attached but he finds peace when he's with her and when the events unfold and they must run they become closer. Jake tells Christa everything, about The Tribe her father and their supposed origins. Christa is a scientist specializing in DNA and she tries to help find out if the origins they think is the truth is really the truth.

There are so many twists I don't want to say too much and reveal what really happens, it really is a captivating story once you get into it and their are so many surprises it keeps you guessing what going to happen next. Overall, it was a good read once you get into it it's really non stop. I enjoyed the good guys forced to do bad things in order to protect their own.